Top Reasons to buy Realistic Sex Dolls

Lately, people have started to move out of the closet about their use of Sex Dolls. Real life sex dolls offer sexual pleasure which replicates that of a soft human because they are made with features like temperature and tenderness. There are a variety of sex dolls such as our Japanese sex dolls which resembles the famous Japanese Dutch Wives.

One of the most popular materials used to make these dolls is a thermoplastic elastomer. TPE sex dolls are soft and flexible.

Below are three main benefits of buying real life sex dolls.
  • Alternative to turnstile online dating
  • Sex dolls are flexible and hold positions in place so you can try any acrobatic movements and play out any fantasy your wildest dreams can imagine.
  • NO sexually transmitted diseases. The real life sex dolls can be sterilized and can avoid germs.

Advantages of owning a Realistic Sex Doll

There has been flood of sex dolls in the market in the recent past but unlike other dolls we have a way of crafting the dolls to give you extra pleasure and combining TPE texture for a more human like experience. The sexy sex doll will also provide you companionship and can be used in different weather temperatures. They are suitable for many forms of outdoor activities. Beware of cheap sex dolls imitations.

One of the most gratifying factors we’ve encountered is to be able to save marriages with our realistic sex dolls. Couples can satisfy their fantasies of bondage, role playing, same sex experimentation or threesomes with our sexy love sex dolls safely without infidelity or non-monogamy in the comfort of their own home.

Manufacturing and Delivery

All of our realistic sex dolls are made to order. After an order is received and payment is made in full, we begin crafting the doll based on your specific customization and requests. We do our best to create a love doll that is perfectly customized according to your needs.

Here is a breakdown of the process after an order is placed:

  • The order details are confirmed with model type, size and shape
  • Receive order payment in full and begin the crafting process
  • Process the doll skeleton and inner structure to offer flexible body motions
  • Adjust TPE material color to match the desired skin tone
  • Place the assembled doll skeleton into a molding box
  • Implement “soft skin” technology to soft areas such as stomach and breasts
  • Cast, vulcanize and add cosmetic injections after vulcanization
  • Apply makeup, paint, and final touches per customer request
  • Carefully pack the doll in a protective discreetly labeled box
  • Deliver the doll to the customer via UPS