TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls: The Major Differences

Both materials have a feeling like real skin. TPE dolls are easier to create, and some talented sculptors and sexy sex dolls have been created from this material. It feels realistic and more like a soft young human woman. Silicone sex dolls can be used in heated environments without tearing apart.

Both TPE and silicone are waterproof and this is good for spicing up your experiences with different positions and places like bathtubs and in swimming pools. This flexibility ensures for better customer experience.

The silicone and TPE offerings create a selection of different sizes and shapes for a full body experience and satisfaction of primal desires. These materials have ensured that sexy sex dolls will blow your mind! You can create your custom sex doll, just email your taste preferences with your order and we will create you a super sexy dream doll.

We offer diverse styles of dolls, and prices range depending on their design and size. Our seductive love sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes such as thin with small breasts, big booties and large full breasts, tall, small and petite, tiny waistlines and any combination of above. It’s just like a menu- and you can order anything you’re hungry for! These love sex dolls help both men and women experiment their fantasies, without making their partners feel threatened. Some men develop deep relationships with their realistic sex dolls. You’ll begin to see more and more of these public displays of affection.

As a professional realistic sex doll manufacturer, Ultimate Fantasy Sex Dolls is looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients all over the world. We will ensure all your desires are well taken care of. We cooperate our silicone love dolls thru wholesale, retail, affiliate networks, sex and marriage therapists AND individual buyers to ensure you get the highest quality sex dolls at affordable prices.

Why choose us for your TPE Sex Love Dolls?

Unlike sex dolls from other sex doll manufacturers, we have combined both artistic features and technology to come up with a perfect sex doll to satisfy all your needs both in and out of the bedroom. Some of these dolls can also be used as models and for photography and advertisements because the texture and features allow for those applications.

We can provide all the TPE silicone sex dolls you are looking for, whatever the height, race and body shape. We have our very own factory access for custom sex dolls of any creation. Do you have a favorite porn star you want to clone? Recreate? Have your way with? We can do it! We have been able to supply our high quality sex dolls and our clients always have positive feedback.

Global Supplier

Ultimate Fantasy Sex Dolls is one of the best sex doll manufacturers in the global realistic sex doll market. We, as sex doll suppliers specialize in the research, development and production of real life sex dolls.To be able to satisfy the growing market and close the gap of fake and low quality sex dolls, we employ a modern production shop, technology and equipment that craft the dolls to meet and exceed our client’s satisfaction. If you are looking for any type of sex doll, we have the right products for your fantasies.

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control standards are maintained throughout all stages of production enabling us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. In the face of fierce competition, our systems are constantly being improved, relying on science and technology. These systems, improved thru technology, create a higher market value to our products sold worldwide.

Our craftsmanship is above the competition with our sex doll designers having combined different textures for the TPE sex dolls to obtain a high quality finished product. We also choose our materials from high quality suppliers which in turn ensures for a beautiful finish and durable sexy real life sex doll. The TPE material we use is well selected, smooth and durable at the same time allowing the skin of our realistic sex doll have the texture like that of a normal human being. The TPE sex dolls can also be warmed or used in hot conditions without any wearing and tearing and therefore used for a longer period of time without any form of tearing or shading of color.